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  • Hachnosas Kallah - Helping poor brides getting married

Hachnosas Kallah

- Helping poor brides getting married

One of the most important charity is being marrying off poor brides, referred to in Jewish literature as Hachnosas Kallah.

Jewish sources indicate that participating in the Mitzvah of Hachnosas Kallah provides a person with many personal benefits. A well known Mishna in Peah, recited daily in the morning prayers, lists Hachnosas Kallah among a select few commandments that benefit a person both in this world and the next world. The Jewish sources indicate that Hachnosas Kallah assists one in finding a spouse, being blessed with children and being saved from a life threatening illness.

Hachnosas Kallah as a Merit for Finding One’s Spouse and having Children

There is a fundamental rule that G-d treats a person in the same way as he treats others. For instance, the merit of Miriam waiting for her infant brother Moses who was placed in a basket in the Nile River, the entire Jewish nation waited for her when she had tzaraas (a skin disease).

It would likewise make sense that in the merit of helping someone else marry, Heaven will help one find his or her spouse. It appears that Hachnosas Kallah can also be a merit for having children.

Hachnosas Kallah as Protection from Death

Over twenty years ago, the chief rabbi of Belgium, HaRav Chaim Kreisworth zt”l was very ill. He visited the Steipler (Rabbi Yaakov Yisrael Kanievsky) to receive his blessings and advice. The Steipler advised him to undertake marrying off needy brides. Rav Chaim immediately began to do so and miraculously recovered, living to the age of eighty-two.

Making a Wedding for an Orphan on the Same Day as Your Child’s Wedding

Many people have the custom of giving charity on their wedding day or their child’s wedding day. One excellent way of showing gratitude for marrying off a child is to pay for the wedding of a person who doesn’t have parents to do so. Darchei Moshe on the Tur states that Rabbi Yechiel of Paris, a 13th century leader of French Jewry, would marry off orphans at the same time that he married off his own children.

Donors may ask the couples they helped marry off to pray on their behalf or on behalf of their loved ones.

Zdaka Center offers you the opportunity to fulfill the unique Mitzvah of Hachnosas Kallah.

Through the merit of participating in this Mitzvah may you and your family be blessed with health, happiness, and fulfillment throughout your life.

100% of every donation goes directly to help orphan and needy poor brides getting married.

Please join this project which help them build and raise a family in Israel.

Please remember the orphans in Israel when you give tzedakah this year.

Any donation will help an orphan brides getting married in Israel.
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Levels of Tzedakah

  1. Giving begrudgingly
  2. Giving less that you should, but giving it cheerfully.
  3. Giving after being asked
  4. Giving before being asked
  5. Giving when you do not know the recipient's identity, but the recipient knows your identity
  6. Giving when you know the recipient's identity, but the recipient doesn't know your identity
  7. Giving when neither party knows the other's identity
  8. Enabling the recipient to become self-reliant

10 Tips How to Make Someone Happy

  1. Smile at them
  2. Compliment them sincerely
  3. Invite them to do something fun with you
  4. Pick a dandelion or blade of grass and give it to them
  5. Listen to them
  6. Try not to insult them with some of your 'compliments'
  7. Hug the person
  8. Give a gift
  9. Spend quality time with the person
  10. Constantly remind the person how much you value them, but don't go too overboard
Help the Holocaust Survivors in Israel Hachnosas Kallah

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